J. Stone: Michelob Ultra Pure Gold CEO Submission

How could I contain myself, I’m so excited!
For a job that surprised and made me feel so delighted?
To tour the great outdoors while sipping on Ultra 
Exploring the United States of America!

Which is a bit stressed, some parts are even on fire,
Let’s put smiles on their faces and aim to inspire. 
For a beer that’s always stood for community, 
Bringing it all back once we reach herd immunity.

From the Grand Sequoias to Yosemite,
Passing through the dessert to Joshua Tree,
Revealing stories of time past and legends old,
Sharing safely and responsibly this Pure Gold! 

Could not imagine a better quest or adventure
Showing Michelob is the Ultra Thirst Quencher
So let’s team up because I know you will concur
I am your Chief Exploration Officer!