My yoga journey began in 2007 when a meniscus injury prevented me from continuing my love of high-impact sports. Instead, it brought to the mat and led to my discovery and love for this timeless practice.

A decade later, yoga has continued to expand the spiritual awareness of myself and my mission, helped me turn some of my life's greatest challenges into its greatest blessings and strengthened my relationships with others by learning to be more present, vulnerable, reflective and supportive. 


In 2017, I furthered my connection to the practice by spending a transformative three weeks at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico to obtain my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. 

I take a passionate approach to teaching — one that aims to inspire others to live a yogic life on and off of the mat, utilizes yoga to build community and embodies the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of well-being. 

Outside of yoga, my passions are beatboxing, percussion and live music (, international travel, the never ending adventure that is life in New York City and spending time with my son Ari.